Trend Alert: Telecommuting

Trend Alert TelecommutingIs Your Company Growing with the Trend?

For decades, we have seen more and more companies embracing the idea of employees working from home. In 1995, 9% of employees telecommuted, which is quite small compared to the 37% of the U.S. workforce who telecommuted in 2015. With the rate of employees working virtually on the rise, it is up to the employers to make sure that everything can still run just as smoothly when an employee isn’t at the headquarters. Unfortunately, not every business has a phone system that can handle this extra load. Even when employees are away, they still need to be able to collaborate with each other as if they were all in the same office. They need to be able to do desktop sharing, chat online, take video calls, and be able to hold online meetings.

Having a phone system that can handle all of this determines whether working virtually will be a success or a failure. Just like if employees were working in the office, employees need to have the ability to ask the person next to them a question, or ask someone else’s opinion on something, and employees still need to meet with each other to foster good communication. With 41% of corporate teams having never met each other, fostering these connections within virtual groups is key.

With Avaya IP Office being a highly modular hybrid solution that provides sophisticated real-time collaboration and unified communications for businesses, you can create a system that allows for employees to connect with everyone on their team from where ever they are in the world. And the options don’t stop there. ShoreTel’s award-winning Unified Communications solutions system can also provide the efficiencies needed for your expanding business. These systems give you real-time collaboration and provides your employees the opportunity to choose which device they want to use to handle their business on a wired, wireless, or broadband connection.

Make sure your business phone system is well-suited for your entire company. While you may not have remote employees today, position yourself for growth in the future. With several seamless, cloud-based solutions at your fingertips, there is better time than now to find out how yours can be improved. Contact us to learn more about the needed adjustments to your telecommunications solutions.