Top 10 Ways Hilltop Technologies Advances Your Business

Hilltop Technologies is focused on serving as a trusted partner whom can drive real value to businesses when it comes to selecting and utilizing telecommunications effectively.

Each day starting October 24th, we will reveal another way in which Hilltop advances your business. 


1)      Over 15 years of top-notch service in the Northeast and Midwest regions

Since 1999, Hilltop Technologies has provided excellent, recognized service to their customers. Headquartered in Suffield, Connecticut, the company has offices in several states and primarily serves CT, MA, RI, ME, NH, VT, NY, OH, PA, and NJ.

2)     Recognized expertise on telecommunication products, including Avaya and ShoreTel

  • Avaya Silver-certified SME expert
  • ShoreTel and ShoreTel Sky Champion-certified

3)     Wide variety of services and products available – cloud solutions, voicemail, call centers and more

  • On-premises and cloud solutions, voice mail, call center applications as well as local and long distance network services solutions

 Leading customer service via experienced, qualified professionals

  • Highly-trained product development experts who utilize industry leading technologies and tools.
  • “I want to extend my appreciation for John Ryan’s work regarding the Cornerstone Chicago office relocation/consolidation. We were faced with several challenges throughout the move that John was able to expertly resolve and he truly went above and beyond the call of duty by spending a couple of hours coaching us through a critical issue on Mother’s Day. I have worked with many vendors over the years and I can’t think of one that is more accommodating, hardworking and professional in his actions.” – Ron Aponte, Cornerstone Advisors


5)     Customized packages meant to fit your business like a glove

  • We custom design our services to help you complete your projects in a timely & efficient manner


6)     Exceptional value focused on creating exceptional ROI


7)    Free consultation and network review


8)   Complete solution development saving you time

  • Often a complex, costly and lengthy process. Poorly managed Network solutions typically overrun cost and time estimates and are difficult to maintain.
  • Our end-to-end service: evaluate, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize a reliable, scalable, and secure network solution.


9)  The Hilltop Shield

  • If you need assistance with your equipment past manufacturer’s warranty, monitoring and surveillance over your phone system’s VoIP network, replacement hardware, help affording your new phone system, or would like to lease or rent your new VoIP solution, look to Hilltop Shield


10) Lunch & Learn events

  • Throughout the year, we offer luncheon events where we display and show you the newest products and services available for your network