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Nip Rising Telecom Maintenance Costs in the Bud

Maintaining a company’s telecom infrastructure has become somewhat of a difficult task due to continual advances in technology. A cell phone’s life cycle is demonstrative of this, whereby many people are now trading in their old phones for newer ones faster to be able to get the latest and greatest in features. The same is […]

When It’s Time to Move On

It’s not every day that your business’s phone system is on your mind. You’re busy conducting business as usual and unless something is disrupting that, you’re likely not thinking about your next phone system or upgrade. But if you’re using a legacy on-premise phone system, it may be a good time to consider some alternatives. […]

Planning for a New Business Phone System in 6 Steps

Moving to a new business phone system takes proper planning and execution. Rushing to a decision can mean disastrous outcomes for your company if the options aren’t weighed and the proper system put in place. After all, phone systems are an investment – one that your company will need to live with for years. However, […]

What the Death of the Landline Means for Your Business

It’s hard to avoid the headlines when they are so glaring. “The end of copper wire landlines is near,” and “Within five years there will be no business landlines.” It’s just another movement in the IT world that your team will be tasked to bend with in order to stay upright in the ever-changing telecommunications […]

Greater Efficiency with SIP Trunking

We are pleased to announce that we have added SIP Trunking to our product offerings. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and a trunk is a physical line that connects switching equipment. SIP trunk provides a direct connection between your organization and an internet phone service provider. This direct connection allows you to take VoIP to the […]