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Nip Rising Telecom Maintenance Costs in the Bud

Maintaining a company’s telecom infrastructure has become somewhat of a difficult task due to continual advances in technology. A cell phone’s life cycle is demonstrative of this, whereby many people are now trading in their old phones for newer ones faster to be able to get the latest and greatest in features. The same is […]

When It’s Time to Move On

It’s not every day that your business’s phone system is on your mind. You’re busy conducting business as usual and unless something is disrupting that, you’re likely not thinking about your next phone system or upgrade. But if you’re using a legacy on-premise phone system, it may be a good time to consider some alternatives. […]

Reach New Heights: Hosted PBX

It’s hard to picture what our work lives were like, only several decades ago. For a lot of us, we wouldn’t have the job we have now back then. The advances in technology have changed the way that we work and the work that we do, as industries have evolved and shifted. With Hosted PBX […]