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Staying Agile in the New Year

One of the ways successful companies prosper is to keep employees agile and well-connected, however as each year comes and goes, safeguarding a positive ROI for such connectivity gets lost in the shuffle, worse yet chalked up to a run of the mill office expense. As companies grow and expand workforce, investing in communication systems […]

When It’s Time to Move On

It’s not every day that your business’s phone system is on your mind. You’re busy conducting business as usual and unless something is disrupting that, you’re likely not thinking about your next phone system or upgrade. But if you’re using a legacy on-premise phone system, it may be a good time to consider some alternatives. […]

Planning for a New Business Phone System in 6 Steps

Moving to a new business phone system takes proper planning and execution. Rushing to a decision can mean disastrous outcomes for your company if the options aren’t weighed and the proper system put in place. After all, phone systems are an investment – one that your company will need to live with for years. However, […]

Avaya’s New Contact Center Select

Starting in July, Avaya will offer Contact Center Select, a new contact center product with enterprise class features built for the midsize business and optimized for IP Office. Some features of the new Contact Center Select are: Multichannel support –voice, email, web chat, SMS and fax Scalability for 30-250 agents Inbound and preview / progressive […]

ShoreTel Virtual Appliance Capabilities

The new Virtual Appliances by ShoreTel provide more flexibility for customers to either use physical hardware, virtual appliance, or a mixture of both with no complex setup! Below is a bit about each new appliance and their capabilities. ShoreTel Virtual IP Phone Switch Supports all non-TDM features (e.g. no physical trunks or analog phones) Up to 1000 IP […]