Successful Transition to Avaya IP Office

We know all too well that change is hard and migrating to a new telecommunications system can in some cases be a down right nightmare. We get that. Knowing that communication is vital piece to any business, we work with our clients to ensure a smooth transition as possible. Kelley & Ferraro, attorneys & counselors at law, in Cleveland, Ohio recently transitioned to a new Avaya IP office solution and we were there to help. Here is what they had to say:

Avaya IP Office Testimonial“We are very pleased with our new Avaya IP Office system from Hilltop Technologies. Very special thanks to Leslie Gilbert and Tom Johnston who oversaw the entire project and were on-site here in Cleveland for our successful transition. We at Kelley & Ferraro highly recommend Hilltop Technologies.”

John Murphy
Partner in Charge, Kelley & Ferraro (Cleveland, Ohio)

If we can help you and your team with transitioning your telecommunications system give us a shout. We can also help provider service, support, and training to ensure you are using your system to its full potential. Let communications increase your productivity.