Staying Agile in the New Year

staying-agile-in-the-new-yearOne of the ways successful companies prosper is to keep employees agile and well-connected, however as each year comes and goes, safeguarding a positive ROI for such connectivity gets lost in the shuffle, worse yet chalked up to a run of the mill office expense. As companies grow and expand workforce, investing in communication systems and strategies enables them to not only survive, but thrive. Is your team well-connected?

The UC Connect Contact Center from ShoreTel does just that, offering universal queuing, access from any location, and a single-screen view to assess all interactions at once. When a customer calls in to your business, employees can manage and oversee all activities for that customer in one place. The history, agent who handled their last correspondence, as well as trunk activity, is all handled in the database in an easy to see centralized screen.

Training and supervisor support functionality is unparalleled. Supervisors can route in to calls either privately or publicly to assist in situations or feedback or give feedback and monitor the employee without barging in on a call. Customers gain the satisfaction of getting managerial assistance while employees gain problem-solving ability, all without the customer getting shifted and transferred multiple times.

Automated appointment scheduling emails and text notifications alert customers of their appointments and payment scheduling, cutting back on no-shows during valuable times of the day.

Don’t forget too, that consumers are increasingly picky when it comes to selecting brands to do business with. Loyalty is an important factor, but a business that refuses to modernize and remain competitive, will find itself losing out. The UC Connect Contact Center allows you to go digital with increased web utilization and customer access including web chat and Call Me Now functionality. For businesses where your call center is also the front-facing customer service representative (think financial institutions like banks and credit unions), decreased call volume allows for more personal interaction with customers face-to-face with you.

With more and more employees working reduced hours at the headquarters and more time on the go or at home, features like mobility access which routes work calls to employee’s personal phones without needing to give out personal phone numbers, are most necessary. It’s these process improvements that will continuously place your business ahead of the competition.

These personal touchpoints are what makes the UC Connect Contact Center the complete package for many institutions. Lower multi-transfer calls, make customer service more efficient, call volume management, and fewer customer appointment no-shows – having more engaged customers increases satisfaction and revenue.

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