When It’s Time to Move On

move onIt’s not every day that your business’s phone system is on your mind. You’re busy conducting business as usual and unless something is disrupting that, you’re likely not thinking about your next phone system or upgrade. But if you’re using a legacy on-premise phone system, it may be a good time to consider some alternatives. Legacy systems are becoming obsolete at an increasingly rapid pace. It’s not your fault – technology in general is making advances that make it difficult to keep up. But it’s best to not be behind the curve when you need to be effectively maximizing service for your customers and productivity for your employees.

One solution we see business owners and IT departments making is adding on functionality. Such add-ons to legacy systems can be helpful short-term solutions that allow you to continue your investment versus fully replacing it. However, we have also seen so many add-ons piled onto systems that businesses have spent more money across various vendors than they would have if they just moved to a cloud solution or a hybrid. The maintenance alone on too many solutions and vendors can get nightmarish.

It is important to point out too, that switching phone systems does not need to be completed in one clean sweep. That can be a big, daunting move. Instead, consider the circumstances. Are you growing? Increasing remote activity or expanding to new locations? Take a slower migration to a new system. Switch the most logical parts of your department to the cloud. Begin where the cost savings is the greatest – where the call volume or staff fluctuation is the highest.

One thing is certain – it will be time to move on eventually. You’ve got nothing to lose in at least exploring your options now and getting ready for such a switch. If anything, you just have time and money to gain in the long run. Make a move now when you’ve got time to weigh options with a clear head and not when it’s forced upon you with non-functioning infrastructure. Contact us and we will help you identify the best action plan to put you in the best position for continued growth and clear communication.