Greater Efficiency with SIP Trunking

SIP-Trunking-VoIP-ImprovedWe are pleased to announce that we have added SIP Trunking to our product offerings. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and a trunk is a physical line that connects switching equipment. SIP trunk provides a direct connection between your organization and an internet phone service provider. This direct connection allows you to take VoIP to the next level, extending beyond your organization’s firewall, surpassing the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. This means you’re getting a simplified design that can be deployed over your existing IP and broadband network or bundled with your broadband services.

In addition to providing a simplified design, SIP Trunking supports a variety of real-time modes of communication, including instant messaging, multimedia conferencing, emergency calls, and more. SIP Trunking boasts a fast return on investment, saving businesses money by eliminating PRI trunks and analog lines as well as reducing hardware expenses. SIP Trunking also offers extremely flexible, cloud-based routing that you can depend on to manage and distribute your calls through multiple channels in a centralized portal.

With SIP Trunking, we aim to provide our customers assurance that their business is always reachable, and can count on their phone system without breaking the bank. We ensure that any overflow calls, IP issues, or PBX failures are not obstacles in your day-to-day by providing business continuity features and failover options.

Contact us today to discuss adding SIP Trunking to your telecommunications solution for simplified design, reduced operational costs, and greater efficiency.