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Staying Agile in the New Year

One of the ways successful companies prosper is to keep employees agile and well-connected, however as each year comes and goes, safeguarding a positive ROI for such connectivity gets lost in the shuffle, worse yet chalked up to a run of the mill office expense. As companies grow and expand workforce, investing in communication systems […]

You Can’t Manage What you Don’t Measure.

Understanding your business’s communication workflow can be the key to achieving increased efficiency. Hilltop Technologies has partnered with Xima to offer the Chronicall call-display product to all Avaya or ShoreTel users. Integrating a call-display software like Chronicall into your current phone systems’ package allows you to measure the productivity of your workflow. Chronicall integrates easily and provides users […]

Trend Alert: Telecommuting

Is Your Company Growing with the Trend? For decades, we have seen more and more companies embracing the idea of employees working from home. In 1995, 9% of employees telecommuted, which is quite small compared to the 37% of the U.S. workforce who telecommuted in 2015. With the rate of employees working virtually on the […]

How Moving To A Cloud Phone System Will Save Your Business Money

More businesses than ever are using the cloud for their business processes and the same goes for phone systems. One of the key benefits businesses are finding with cloud phone systems are cost savings. The following are just a few reasons why cloud phones can save your business money. Greater Efficiency. Cloud phones offer the […]

Reach New Heights: VoIP Readiness

The 2014 film “Wild”, which is based upon the memoir by Cheryl Strayed titled Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, stars Reese Witherspoon as Strayed, who in 1995 hiked over one thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail alone. As a single woman in the mid-nineties, much before the widespread adoption […]