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Nip Rising Telecom Maintenance Costs in the Bud

Maintaining a company’s telecom infrastructure has become somewhat of a difficult task due to continual advances in technology. A cell phone’s life cycle is demonstrative of this, whereby many people are now trading in their old phones for newer ones faster to be able to get the latest and greatest in features. The same is […]

10 Reasons to Move your Unified Communications System to the Cloud

Need a reason to move your unified communication system to the cloud? We’ve got 10! Lower cost of ownership Flexibility of scaling up or down Business continuity and disaster recovery Ease and speed of adoption Ability to assign IT to more strategic tasks Predictability of operational expenses and budget planning Enablement of the mobile or […]

Successful Transition to Avaya IP Office

We know all too well that change is hard and migrating to a new telecommunications system can in some cases be a down right nightmare. We get that. Knowing that communication is vital piece to any business, we work with our clients to ensure a smooth transition as possible. Kelley & Ferraro, attorneys & counselors […]

4 Keys to your Communications’ System Success

Versatility and scalability are more than nice to have when it comes to your business’s communications system. So, what are the pivotal features and functionality that allow for a more universal telecommunications solution? 1. IP Office • Highly modular system allows real-time collaboration • Employees able to handle business communications on device of their choice […]

Extend the Voice of your Communications System

Communications are increasingly important for businesses. Without a good communications system, your internal team can crumble, your customers leave you, and you could ultimately see your business vaporize. This isn’t some new concept by any means, except for the fact that communications are constantly evolving and businesses must keep up. Did you know, that as […]