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10 Reasons to Move your Unified Communications System to the Cloud

Need a reason to move your unified communication system to the cloud? We’ve got 10! Lower cost of ownership Flexibility of scaling up or down Business continuity and disaster recovery Ease and speed of adoption Ability to assign IT to more strategic tasks Predictability of operational expenses and budget planning Enablement of the mobile or […]

Hilltop Technologies Receives Partner in Customer Excellence Designation from Avaya

We at Hilltop Technologies are pleased to announce that we have achieved Partner in Customer Excellence designation by Avaya. Receiving this title is based on superior customer satisfaction, as indicated by an average customer satisfaction score of 4.4 or higher on completed surveys initiated by Avaya in our geographical region. Our EVP, Owen Wilson, commented, […]

You Can’t Manage What you Don’t Measure.

Understanding your business’s communication workflow can be the key to achieving increased efficiency. Hilltop Technologies has partnered with Xima to offer the Chronicall call-display product to all Avaya or ShoreTel users. Integrating a call-display software like Chronicall into your current phone systems’ package allows you to measure the productivity of your workflow. Chronicall integrates easily and provides users […]

Trend Alert: Telecommuting

Is Your Company Growing with the Trend? For decades, we have seen more and more companies embracing the idea of employees working from home. In 1995, 9% of employees telecommuted, which is quite small compared to the 37% of the U.S. workforce who telecommuted in 2015. With the rate of employees working virtually on the […]

Iconic Company Focuses on Staying Connected with Customers

Radio Flyer. It’s a household name in the United States that conjures up nostalgic memories for generations of Americans. Founded in 1917 by Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin, the company is still family-owned and privately held, with 100 employees worldwide. How does the “David” of the toy industry compete with the “Goliath” toy company giants and […]