Nip Rising Telecom Maintenance Costs in the Bud

Telecom MaintenanceMaintaining a company’s telecom infrastructure has become somewhat of a difficult task due to continual advances in technology. A cell phone’s life cycle is demonstrative of this, whereby many people are now trading in their old phones for newer ones faster to be able to get the latest and greatest in features. The same is true of gaming systems, appliances, and automobiles. New technology features and enhancements mobilize action and that is no different when talking about a company’s telecom infrastructure. Companies are always looking to create better operational efficiencies and enhance productivity. Fortunately, telecom often has a way of providing both.

However, when integrating new technology, the disruption does not end with the implementation. There is the need to properly adopt the technology, train employees, and continually maintain it. Add to it staff turn-over or leaves of absence and you have inefficiencies across the board.

One solution to the chaos, is outsourcing routine maintenance to a trusted telecom partner. Having such a partner at the ready enables companies to stay current with the latest technology while simultaneously getting the necessary training to capitalize on advancements in the workflow. Additionally, should service or support be needed, it’s easy given the telecom partner’s familiarity with the user’s system. Better yet, optimum staffing levels are maintained across the board, given the enhanced predictability garnered when relying on a partner outside the walls of your office.

To alleviate your headache when it comes to rising maintenance costs, contact us. We would be happy to discuss how we can help by serving as your go-to, trusted telecom partner.

10 Reasons to Move your Unified Communications System to the Cloud

Unified Communications

Need a reason to move your unified communication system to the cloud? We’ve got 10!

  1. Lower cost of ownership
  2. Flexibility of scaling up or down
  3. Business continuity and disaster recovery
  4. Ease and speed of adoption
  5. Ability to assign IT to more strategic tasks
  6. Predictability of operational expenses and budget planning
  7. Enablement of the mobile or remote workforce
  8. Reduced travel and conferencing costs
  9. Easy, instant updates
  10. Lower risk of technology obsolescence

According to Frost and Sullivan, the cloud communication user base is projected to grow an annual rate of 25% – 30% through 2020.

Learn more about how Avaya IP Office in the cloud can help empower your company’s connectivity.

Successful Transition to Avaya IP Office

We know all too well that change is hard and migrating to a new telecommunications system can in some cases be a down right nightmare. We get that. Knowing that communication is vital piece to any business, we work with our clients to ensure a smooth transition as possible. Kelley & Ferraro, attorneys & counselors at law, in Cleveland, Ohio recently transitioned to a new Avaya IP office solution and we were there to help. Here is what they had to say:

Avaya IP Office Testimonial“We are very pleased with our new Avaya IP Office system from Hilltop Technologies. Very special thanks to Leslie Gilbert and Tom Johnston who oversaw the entire project and were on-site here in Cleveland for our successful transition. We at Kelley & Ferraro highly recommend Hilltop Technologies.”

John Murphy
Partner in Charge, Kelley & Ferraro (Cleveland, Ohio)

If we can help you and your team with transitioning your telecommunications system give us a shout. We can also help provider service, support, and training to ensure you are using your system to its full potential. Let communications increase your productivity.

4 Keys to your Communications’ System Success

Communications Technology

Versatility and scalability are more than nice to have when it comes to your business’s communications system. So, what are the pivotal features and functionality that allow for a more universal telecommunications solution?

1. IP Office
• Highly modular system allows real-time collaboration
• Employees able to handle business communications on device of their choice
• Provides individual user productivity solutions to give your employees the capabilities they need

2. Enterprise Contact Center
• Manage your contacts the same way you manage your voice interactions
• Multichannel contact center matches callers with appropriate resource
• Delivers a unified, efficient, and highly-personalized experience

3. Unified Communications
• Designed to be easy to manage and scale
• Able to coexist with current infrastructure
• Each site is able to function independently

4. Cloud Hosted System
• Turn-key solution with a per-seat monthly subscription
• Benefit from not incurring capitol business expenses for equipment or software

If you need help in determining which features and functionality will provide the best solutions for how you work, give us a call, or schedule a free lunch and learn session with us. We can walk through the options when it comes to new systems, enhanced features, or provide a workflow evaluation. We also offer training and support.

Download an overview of our Communication Technology Services here.

Extend the Voice of your Communications System

Communications are increasingly important for businesses. Without a good communications system, your internal team can crumble, your customers leave you, and you could ultimately see your business vaporize. This isn’t some new concept by any means, except for the fact that communications are constantly evolving and businesses must keep up.

Extend your CommunicationsDid you know, that as of right now, there are officially more mobile devices in the world than there are people? Kind of impressive and yet a little scary, right? Because of this, you can safely assume that all of the people you come into contact with on a regular basis have cell phones.

But just because the majority of business life these days is via text, email, or web, doesn’t mean that voice is obsolete. Remember that making a phone call doesn’t just send a notification to someone; it makes that little device in their pocket ring constantly, compelling that person to answer. Phone calls can provide instant gratification whereas email and anything else that sends push notifications would probably take some time before they are noticed, or before people send back a response. The immediacy of a phone call is, by and large, the most compelling reason why you should not abandon voice communication.

It’s safe to assume that you carry your mobile phone with you everywhere you go outside of your home and office. With today’s phone system offerings, your phone can become much more than a personal communication device, allowing you to take your office number and extension with you in the form of an application. By doing this, you would be able to respond to clients and partners with an unprecedented agility from any location in the world. Being accessible as such makes you look more professional and better-attuned to the needs of customers, partners, employees and other contacts. You can do this for your team as well, allowing them to be agile and available even when they are not working in one central location. It gives your business a line of communication that is easily accessible.

While keeping an open line with your clients is a crucial part of ensuring that your business grows, you must also keep in mind that internal communication is crucial too. By having a virtual hosted PBX, your colleagues can also easily remember how to contact you by using an extension, making quick phone calls to each other to collaborate on various goals. This increases productivity across your connected organization, again even if the team is dispersed across different locations.

Transform the way you conduct business by creating a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees. Reduce IT overhead with a true plug-and-play system that effortlessly rolls out applications to your staff. Regardless of their locations, devices, or applications, users can have telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact center, video, and unified communications—all in a flexible platform.

Don’t eliminate voice, but also don’t stay in the past. Diversify your communications with a unified communications platform like Avaya’s IP Office or one of ShoreTel’s hybrid phone systems for an example. Contact us today to explore all of your options via a consultative analysis of your current system and your company’s needs. E-mail or call 860.668.5285.